Technology Development and Transfer Centre (TDTC) is one of the constituents of the College of Engineering and Technology (CoET) that was formed on December 15, 2001 through Government Notice 455 of December 7, 2001 as a result of merging the former Institute of Production and Innovation (IPI) and the then Faculty of Engineering (FoE) both of the University of Dar es Salaam. The main aim of TDTC is to coordinate the use of college expertise to the provision of technology for national socio-economic development and transfer, technology incubation, technology brokerage and contracted research. The main objectives of the centre is to develop and disseminate technologies that have direct relevancy to the Tanzanian community and which will directly bring impact on the development of SMEs and the lives of the general public. The College of Engineering and Technology which is semi-autonomous is composed by three Faculties, Technology Development and Transfer Centre (TDTC) and the Bureau for Industrial Co-operation (BICO). The three faculties are Civil Engineering and the Built Environment (CEBE), Electrical and Computer Systems Engineering (ECSE) and Mechanical and Chemical Engineering (MECHE).