Human Resources

TDTC draws its human resources from the large College's internal pool of highly qualified academic and technical staff with diverse expertise and vast professional experience, with access to scientific and technical equipment and information. The College has more than 100 academic staff 90% of whom have Ph.D. degrees. All senior academic staff are registered with the Engineers' Registration Board (ERB) of Tanzania. The majority are also members of professional societies and/or associations in Tanzania (particularly the has close to 100 well-trained technical staff and 40 administrative and supporting staff.

Physical Facilities

The Centre has directly under it a well equipped and manned mechanical Workshop. In addition, TDTC has full access to all other workshops and laboratories of the College. The College has a considerable investment in physical facilities and equipment. The total built-up space amounts to more than 20,000 square metres in form of laboratories, workshops, classrooms, offices and other support services. The built-up space is sufficiently equipped for the College to perform its main terms of reference. The main challenge to the College - and hence TDTC - is to effectively utilize the resources available to address the R&D needs in priority areas. This will involve exploring beyond College boundaries and identify specific resources that may need to be shared with collaborators. Such resources include equipment, information resources (data bases) and expertise.